10 Best Roller Skates For Beginners (2021) – Beginner Roller Skates

People looking for a way into the skating world usually find it difficult getting roller skates to suit them.

Of course, it can be a daunting task looking for the best roller skates for beginners, particularly when you do not know much about gear and equipment. 

However, without comprehensive knowledge about the industry, you could end up picking the wrong one for your situation.

Why is knowing the industry important when getting beginner roller skates? Plus, why can't you go into any store and pick one right from the rack?

Well, unfortunately, it does not work that way. Each roller skate is designed for an experience level, and modifications are perfectly suited for beginners, allowing them to learn.

This article will expose you to the perfect roller skates for beginners you can find this year.

10 Best Roller Skates For Beginners (2021)


Skill Level



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1. Candi Girl Carlin

Editor's Choice




2. Crazy Evoke Skates

High Performance




3. Chicago Roller Skates

Budget Friendly




4. Moxi Beach Bunny




5. BTFL Pro Skates

For Dancing




6. Circle Society Classic

For Kids




7. Candi Girl Lucy




8. Reewind Roller Skates

For Men




9. Impala Quad Skates




10. Riedell Dart Skates

Speed Skates




1. Candi GIRL Carlin Roller Skates

Best Roller Skates For Beginners (Editor's Choice)

After doing a lot of research we have found that the best roller skates for beginners are the Candi Girl Carlin roller skates. These are perfect beginner roller skates as they are lightweight, making it easy for you to lift your legs.


The Candi GIRL Carlin Women's Roller Skate is designed to have a padded lining and great ankle support for beginners. They also have 66mm x 38mm Candi girl outdoor wheels with fast silver-5 race chrome bearings.

It gives you control and easy movement when turning. There is also non-marking braking on these skates. They are designed to fit women's full shoe sizes with quality brushed suede boots for comfort.


Users can use this skate for years and still find them perfect. They are great outdoors and allow you free movement in your ankles. Many new skaters would prefer to use this on the rink as it gives them a lot of freedom since they are lightweight aluminum.

The Candi GIRL Carlin Women's Roller Skates are great beginner roller skates that allow you to do basic tricks and lifts your confidence when you skate.

  • Durable and can last for years without having issues
  • They are great for concrete floors and outdoors
  • They grip the ankle slightly, giving the user firmness
  • Precision turning and flexibility
  • We didn't find any

2. Crazy Evoke Beginner Roller Skates

High Performance

Crazy Evoke Skates are great high performance roller skates which come in a fanciful design that will call for attention anywhere.


It is also designed for indoor and outdoor skating adventures, with ABEC – 7 bearings for easy gliding.

It aids the Skater's seamless experience on board and is built with a comfort lining. The ankle area is also perfectly fitted firmly for the Skater to glide properly on any surface. What’s more? The skates are built on galaxy plates with an adjustable toe stop for new skaters. 


These skates need some form of balance to enjoy their benefits properly. Therefore, if you're not careful, you could hit something or fall off when turning.

However, with its finishing and design, you are assured of comfort the skates while moving and glide along surfaces.

  • They come in a fancy package
  • They are comfortable and firm at the same time
  • The Evoke skates are apt for indoor and outdoor skating
  • They are durable for beginners
  • High quality

3. Chicago Rink Roller Skates

Budget Friendly

Chicago Skates produces various great beginner roller skates, and this Premium leather-lined Rink type ranks among the best.


If you are looking for social skating and tink choices as a beginner, this is a good piece. It is specially designed for gliding with its light aluminum make-up. It is also designed for safety as it has a hightop for controlled movement.

You are assured of getting comfort and security with these beginner roller skates as they have a high lace-up. The wheel should also work well against the wear and tear issues you may experience in your skating.


The Chicago Skates have a large front brake that helps you start and stop as much as you want. If you're a fan of classic skates, then the Chicago skate will take you to this time.

Their athletic style leather-lined boot is great for long distances and smooth gliding on surfaces. Strong durability, The 55mm Urethane wheels are comprehensive solutions for shock absorption.

The roller skates also have adjustable trucks depending on your preference. The beginner roller skates allow for easy control and turning; the increased precision skaters get from this roller skate is attributed to the wheels.

  • They are comfortable and durable
  • The roller skates allow for an easy and smooth ride
  • The Skater has greater control, and the turning is made easier
  • A 30-day warranty covers them
  • They are great for beginners on a budget
  • They may not be suitable for all outdoor rides

4. Moxi Beach Bunny Roller Skates

Fashionable Beginner Roller Skates

Another beginner roller skates in the budget-friendly group are the Moxi Skates.


These skates are designed to give adequate support to beginners with their aluminum plates and string metal trucks. The lacing system allows you to put on the skates easily without any hassles and pull them off as well.

They go well with the latest trends with the choice of color, style, and design; you cannot go wrong any year. The Moxi skates were designed with safety, as there are a high fit and ankle padding for support.


These are ideal beginner roller skates as they ensure the smoothest and safest riders possible. The 58mm 78A hardness wheels provide effective balance, support, and cushion while riding.

Also, the ABEC-5 steel ball bearings reduce friction to its bare minimum and ensure safety and a good ride. They have an adjustable block toe stopper that adds ease to the braking system and gives you control while riding.

The skates are perfect for outdoor rides and allow beginners enough freedom to try little tricks and maneuver the outdoor areas. They also allow you to ride without any limits.

  • They are  budget-friendly
  • The roller skates provide a good cushion
  • There is free movement, and skaters are assured a smooth ride
  • They come in great packaging
  • They are great for any surface
  • The toe straps can be tight

5. BTFL Pro Roller Skates

If you are looking for beginner roller skates of high quality with soft leather, then choosing this roller skate will be a great notion.


The soft leather makes it easy for you to move your legs to any rhythm. It comes with a stylish design, and it has a lace-up front that makes it comfortable for people to wear.

It is specifically designed to bring back the glory days of the 70s through their style and artistic designs. It is also light on the ground and your feet, so it feels like you have your normal shoes when you move.


They are 61 x 38mm / 80A that is appropriate for outdoor and in-the-rink skating. Also, beginners can enjoy the luxury of ABEC-7 Carbon Steel that allows braking to become more fluid than forced each time you move. The roller skates have a high shoe shaft that makes it easy for you to ensure stability when you skate.

Furthermore, you can be guaranteed a more dynamic skating with these roller skates with the wheels for different surfaces. For better performance, if you're between sizes 7.0 – 7.5, it would be best to get the size 8 when ordering for the 5.    BTFL Pro Roller Skates for Women & Men.

  • This pair of rollerskates are durable
  • They efficient for dancing and skating
  • They are easy to use
  • The white laces do not lay flat, which can be uncomfortable for the skaters

6. Circle Society Children's Roller Skates

For Kids

The adjustable feature of the sizing allows growing kids who love to skate to use these skates for many years.


These roller skates allow for the growing feet of the child and are durable. They last for a long time with its reconfigured figure-style boot with synthetic leather make-up. It is light in weight, making kids find it comfortable raising their legs and moving.

They are built for kids from 8 years and above, plus they can accommodate kids that weigh under 125 pounds. These beginner roller skates grow with the child and ensure safety. Also, they come in sizes 3 – 7 and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor activities.


These beginner roller skates come with ABEC 1 sealed bearings that allow kids to use them for indoor and outdoor skating adventures.

Plus, it comprises two dual front brakes that make it easy for kids to stop when they are in motion. Kids also have effortless glue on surfaces as the 54mm smooth-rolling urethane wheels allow for free movement on the ground.

  • They are suitable for beginners
  • They support the weight of the kids
  • The roller skates ensure the safety of the kid, even on different grounds
  • It is prone to wear and tear
  • It does not last as long as other beginner roller skates

7. Candi Girl Lucy Roller Skates

If fun had a color, it would be the color of these beginner roller skates for kids. The Candi Girl Lucy was designed to attract young and vibrant kids that are enthusiastic into skating.


These roller skates are perfect for the indoor and outdoor skating rink that allows beginners to show off their new and improved skills.

It has strong ankle support and effective padding for the skaters and ensures stability on your legs. Also, there are synthetic faux leather uppers with a custom lace front.

One of the most important features that this design comes with is the adjustable sizing for the kids' growing feet. So, there is no need to worry about one size that fits all, but each size can grow with the Skater.


The beginner roller skates are light in weight, making it best for the beginners to move their legs effortlessly.

They are also made with urethane cushions and metal trucks that make turning, dancing, and cruising a lot more pleasurable, even for beginners. Furthermore, the roller skates are decorated with 56mm x 33mm Candi Girl wheels suitable for indoor and outdoor activities that your kid will want to indulge in.

The bearings that come with these roller skates are Bevo Silver- 5 fast race-rated chrome bearings. They are great for girls that love to dance and skate at the same time. The girls can also be assured of safety as the roller skates are firm and allow them to do tricks and enjoy skating.

  • They are helpful for multi-surfaces
  • They come in adjustable fitting for the girls.
  • They are durable.
  • They are lightweight and can be maneuvered
  • They could be difficult to fit people with wide feet

8. Rewin Beginner Roller Skate

For Men

This beginner roller skate is for people of all ages looking to get back in the roller skating dream. It could be to also get in shape.


Regardless of the motive, these roller skates were first made available in 2015 and since then have been one of the most popular beginner roller skates on the market. It is a freestyle skate for all ages.

The roller skates are designed for all riders' comfort and ease, as the wheel gives good balance and good traction when riding indoor and outdoor surfaces.


If you are looking for a roller skate that will give you a good bounce and proper balance, the Reewin Men's roller skate is the one.

They have 56mm x 33mm polyurethane wheels that allow you to ride well on different terrains and Bevo Silver-5 Race Rated bearings that make you ride faster.

This is one of the reasons beginners and pros can use these roller skates. It is designed for men of all sizes, although women can go a size lower to find their perfect match. However, They give riders precise movements and great acceleration.

  • They are great for any kind of experience level
  • The roller skates are durable
  • They are stylish for any kind of season
  • Men specific
  • Good quality
  • The roller skates are not so good for people with wide feet

9. Impala Girl's Impala Quad Skate

The 70s came back with this style of beginner roller skates. The Impala comes in rose gold giving it that pop feels suitable for skating on smooth surfaces and dancing.


The quad skate is lightweight and can allow the Skater to feel comfortable while gliding on surfaces.

Beginners would enjoy these skates as they are comfortable and form for the ankles. They assure you of safety and a smooth ride. Most times, the size fits perfectly instead of the other quad skates that have issues with the fitting.

The quad skates have aluminum alloy trucks with base plates and PVC upper. They also come with PVC heels and a sole for a redefined movement while skating. The design on these roller skates is state-of-the-art as they incorporate metal speed eyelets.


The performance is one of the reasons people opt for these roller skates. For example, the PU Brake stopper allows you to halt when you need to.

It can save you from big crashes or major accidents as it is firm when it is being applied. The urethane wheel provides support and effective gliding across surfaces.

These roller skates were first made available in 2019. The Impala roller skates weigh about 7 pounds; therefore, it is guaranteed to gather enough speed.

  • They are great for multi-surfaces
  • They are also suitable for beginners and pros alike
  • Great design
  • The cushion lining does not reach the toes, so you feel the skates' brunt after a while

10. Riedell Dart Quad Roller Skates

Speed Skates

Riedell Dart quad skates are made of the vinyl material that allows you to move properly with your legs free in the skates.


The Velcro cinch strap added with the lace-up front is many people's favorite piece of roller skates. It makes it comfortable to adjust your skates while skating.

They are a waste of traditional roller skates taking away from the old 90s canvas. This style is made for the safety and security of the beginner while skating on the surfaces.

The design is fascinating as it is low but firm and snug fit around the ankles to give the skaters some degree of balance.

They are designed for both sexes and weigh 6 pounds, allowing both male and female roller skates beginners to move freely without much interference. The roller skates have been available since 2011, so if you are looking to go for a sporty look while skating, this will be a great choice.


The ankle fitting is firm from the top of the roller skate, making the Skater have a firm grip on the ground. Plus, the 62mm, 93A hardness polyurethane wheels further intensifies that grip for beginners.

Also, the wheels are versatile to maneuver any kind of surface for beginners and pros. The ABEC-5 ball bearings allow the skates to roll without any friction.

If you are thinking of speed and balance, the Riedell skates are perfect for you. They are also great because they suit beginners well with the firm grip and easy movement along surfaces.

  • The roller skates have a firm grip
  • They are versatile for different surfaces
  • They are great for speed
  • Quality material
  • Durable
  • They are narrow to the toes

Things To Consider When Looking For Beginner Roller Skates

Beginner Roller Skates Features

Some of the terminologies might be a little strange for you starting in the skating world.

Therefore, here are some key elements you need to consider when buying your first pair of beginner roller skates.

Low Cut Boots vs. High Cut Boots

Low-cut boots are those roller skates that do not extend above the ankle; professionals must use them because it offers more speed and less weight since there is no extra padding in the ankle area.

They enjoy these roller skates because they afford them the luxury of doing trucks and flicks on the rink, or anywhere they skate.

On the other hand, the High Cut boots are the direct opposite of the low cut versions. The former variation of boots extends above the ankle and has extra padding in the ankle area to give enough grip and firmness to the Skater. The new skaters will prefer this type of skate.

The best beginner roller skates are high-cut boots which give more stability when skating.

Bearings and Wheels

Another aspect of roller skates that beginners need to pay attention to is the bearings and the wheels.

They are both intricate elements that determine people's roller skating careers. The hardness of the skate wheel is measured in a durometer. If the durometer level is low, it means the wheels are soft.

These kinds of wheels are used for stuck floors, which are suitable for beginners. A higher durometer level will mean the wheels are suitable for fast-paced areas.

Also, wheels are made from Urethane and hybrid. These two categories have their peculiarities. However, for new skaters, hybrid wheels such as Reckless Envy.

For bearings, they come with an industry-standard called ABEC rating. The higher the number on the ratings, the better the wheel will roll. There are three different choices for bearings, they include:

  • Standard
  • Swiss
  • Ceramic

Trucks and Plates

A truck is the metal piece that the wheel axle goes through. The trucks are attached to the plate and serve as a wheel holder.

People tighten or loosen the truck tension to get the desired control on their roller skates. Beginners skaters should tighten the trucks firmly, so you have a firm base to control when you are at high speed.

On the other hand, the plate is the part of the roller skate that attaches the boot to the skate wheels and the roller skate trucks. Roller skate plates are made from nylon or aluminum. Most of the highlighted roller skates use aluminum plates for beginners.

Roller Skates Sizing Tips For Beginners

A lot of beginners make the mistake of thinking roller skate sizing is like shopping for sneakers. It varies differently as the brand of roller skates can have different sizing charts.

Therefore, you need to look at the sizing charts to know where you fit. For kids, there are different labels, 8J, 9J, 10J, 11J, 12J, 13J. The (J) represents Juvenile, while older kids will have sizes 1 – 4. Adults have their range from 6 and above; therefore, you need to clarify what skate will fit your feet.

To properly measure your feet, make sure you have the socks you will likely wear with the roller skates.

Inline Skates vs. Roller Skates For Beginners

Inline vs Roller Skates For Beginners

The easiest way to understand the juxtaposition of both forms is in their wheel formation. For inline skates, it is best when trying to avoid obstacles and going in different directions.

This is where younger kids prefer to inline skate as it allows them more movement in different directions. It allows for more fluidity when skating.

However, roller skating for beginners is more linear as it does not allow for much weaving and change of directions.

Therefore roller skates are best for beginners as they have more support, although both forms will require you to learn some aspects. But, roller skates are suitable in the formative years of your skating career.

Safety Equipment For Beginners

Safety equipment is not limited to beginners alone, but experts also use some of these equal meant to be free from injuries. As a beginner, having a helmet is a necessity, although it is most times overlooked.

Other important pieces of equipment for roller skating are wrist guards and knee pads are part of the intricate safety equipment elements.

Wrist injuries are common in roller skating; you can also get elbow pads to protect your upper body. It's better to have all the equipment to prevent any injury even if you do not wish for them.

Final Words

From the beginning of the article, you would notice each roller skate has its pros and cons. Hence, the normal confusion you might have in getting a roller skate should disappear.

Roller skating, like many things in life, takes discipline, consistency, and patience. You cannot become an overnight sensation on the skates; it takes some hard work depending on your roller skating goal. For now, enjoy every minute of the process of being a beginner.

Overall, the best roller skates for beginners are the Candi Girl Carlin Roller Skates.

Get to know the tricks and the other parts of the sport. Roller skating is a beautiful way to lose weight, socialize, and stay alert. Also, remember to ask relevant questions.

Also, the retro design with PU brake stopper and the general firmness give others a run for their money. However, carefully weigh these options carefully to see your best fit.

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