10 Best Paddle Boards For Beginners (2021) – Beginner Paddle Boards

If you are just discovering the amazing sport of paddle boarding, you need to focus first on the board that you are using. 

After all, if you can use the best paddle board for beginners, you will be setup to really get into the sport without becoming frustrated.

Stand up paddling boarding (SUP) has become all the more popular in recent years. You likely have seen SUP on any body of water near you, whether it is a lake or an ocean. 

The sport itself is such a great exercise, that you should be prepared for how much fun and how healthy the sport is.

But when it comes to buying your first beginner paddle board, it can quickly become overwhelming. How can you know what you need from your paddle board? 

After some extensive research, we have found ten perfect beginner paddle boards that you can choose from.

10 Best Paddle Boards For Beginners (2021)


Skill Level



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1. SereneLife SUP

Editor's Choice




2. Roc Paddle Board

High Performance




3. FBSport Paddle Board

Budget Friendly




4. Runwave SUP




5. DAMA Paddle Board

For Yoga




6. Fun Water Inflatable




7. THURSO Surf Prodigy

For Kids




8. DRIFT Paddle Board




9. Feath-R-Lite SUP




10. Goosehill SUP




1. SereneLife Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Best Paddle Board For Beginners (Editor's Choice)

From our research, we have found that the best inflatable paddle board for beginners is the SereneLife Inflatable SUP. 

The SereneLife Inflatable SUP is a nice choice for beginners who are looking for a wide board that offers a lot of stability and is easy to transport and store. The quality is military grade and certainly will do the job well.


Beginning with the design of the SereneLife Inflatable SUP, the board comes in several different colours. It is also designed to have wider than other SUPs, so you will get more balance using it than you would from another board.

The board itself was made with upgraded, premium military grade material. That means that even though it is an inflatable board, it is made to hold up against all forms of wear and tear.

The board is also very easy to travel with since its inflatable, but it also comes with the carry accessories, ensuring the board will not be too cumbersome.


Since this board has such a wide design, standing and balancing on it is incredibly easy. You should not worry about tipping off of it for any reason.

The board also has superior manoeuvrability, which means that the triple bottom panel fins are there to help with your speed and steering.

  • Military grade material
  • Easy to transport
  • 6 inches thick
  • Wider design
  • Superior Manoeuvrability
  • Can be tricky to deflate if the wind is blowing

2. Roc Inflatable Beginner Paddle Board

High Performance

The best paddle board for beginners in terms of performance is the Roc Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board.

This is another inflatable option, which is really the best for portability, but this board is not just for beginners.


Starting with the design, the Roc Inflatable SUP has an extra wide design that ensures that it is a versatile board. The board is only 17.5 pounds, which is around 20 percent lighter than similar boards. The board itself is 6 inches thick, but still has a weight capacity up to 300 pounds.

The SUP is made to inflate in a matter of minutes, but if you are using a hand pump, you are going to want to change to a battery operated one pretty quickly. Hand pumps will take too long with this board, mostly because of the seals that are in place to keep the air from escaping.


Like we mentioned above, the Roc SUP is not just for beginners. Instead, this is an All around board for riders of all abilities and experience levels. That means you will not need to replace the board as your skills grow.

It is also versatile in where you can use it at. It can easily work on the ocean, lakes, and rivers. It is so easy to use that older children as well as adults should be able to operate it without any kind of learning curve.

  • Works for all ability levels
  • Inflates in minutes
  • Comes with travel backpack for easy transport
  • Very durable
  • 1 Year Manufacturer’s warranty
  • We didn’t find any

3. FBSPORT Inflatable Beginner Paddle Board

Budget Friendly

If you are new to the sport, you shouldn’t have to feel like you need to spend a ton of money to get a reliable SUP.

Instead, we suggest you take a look at the FBSPORT Inflatable SUP as a nice budget friendly option.


Let’s look at the design of this SUP first. It has a 1.2mm layer of ultra-thick PVC. That means that for an inflatable SUP, the board has an outer skin.

The board is inflatable and is made to deflate and fold down nicely into a carry bag. That way, you can take the SUP with you wherever you are headed, by car, plane, or a bus. 

The SUP was made using the military grade material as well, so it will not tear easily. That makes it a nice choice in any weather. The board also has a nonslip soft top deck which will make it easy to stand on. The board is also light, weighing in at 22                                                 


Moving onto its performance, this SUP is perfect if you are hoping to just get in some float or fitness time on the board.

This also ensures that the board works well for riders at any skill level, including beginners. This board might allow you to grow with it as your skills improve, but it is important to realize what your current ability is and what your ultimate goal with the SUP is. Regardless, you can go out and enjoy some fun on the water.

  • Nonslip soft top deck
  • Easy to manoeuvre
  • Comes with accessories
  • Military grade material
  • Very durable
  • We didn’t find anything to report

4. Runwave Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Another great SUP inflatable option is the Runwave Inflatable SUP. This is a wide stance beginner paddle board that has fins that will help with your ability to control the board.


There are a lot of great design features that come with this board, including the tie down bungee cords. These are a convenient way to store your shoes or any other equipment that you want to take with you on your ride. The design also includes fins that help with your surfing control.

The board uses advanced dropstitch technology, which means that the board will be strong and flexible. This also helps to keep the board nice and light. The board also comes equipped with a high-pressure pump that will allow you to inflate the board within five minutes.


When we look at the performance for this SUP, the first thing to note is that the board has a non-slip pattern on the top of it, so even when it is wet, the board is anti-slip. You are not likely to fall in the water, making surfing easier and smoother than you might be able to believe.

This board is meant for gentle floating, so people who would like to sunbathe, do yoga on the water, or just gently paddle around. This board is not meant for any kind of speed or intense workouts if that is more what you are after. It is just a casual kind of board.

  • Fins for surfing control
  • Non-slip top deck
  • High-intensity layer
  • Comes with high pressure pump
  • Tie down bungee cords
  • Only meant for gentle paddling or floating

5. DAMA Beginner Paddle Board

The DAMA SUP offers another inflatable board that is one of the best SUP for beginners that you can get. This one has an appealing design and comes in a variety of sizes.


Let’s look at its design first. The board has a nice, classic design to it. Even though this is an inflatable SUP, the appearance of it is a woodgrain, making it look like it is a kayak rather than an inflatable beginner paddle board. 

The board is made to be UV-proof and have an anti-corrosion element to ensure that you get to have it for a long time.

There are a few other design elements that are more unique to this board, including the sport camera bracket.

That way, if you wanted to record yourself out on your SUP, you could do so very easily, because the location is already there. There is also a spot for a kayak seat to be installed, if you would like to turn the board into a kayak.


The SAMA SUP is made to be stiff and durable, so you will be able to expect a nice smooth ride, regardless of your ability level. It has a non-slip grip on board and you can expect a steady ride from it, which is incredibly important for beginners who are just getting started in the sport.

Additionally, the paddles that come with the board are height adjustable, so if you are sharing the board with someone else, you can adjust them to fit your height better.

  • Sport camera bracket
  • Unique extra steel D-Rings
  • Kayak seat can be installed
  • Height-adjustable paddles
  • Capacity up to 330 pounds
  • We didn’t find any

6. Fun Water Inflatable Paddle Board

The FunWater Inflatable SUP is another great option for all skill levels. This is an ultra-light SUP, so it will be nice and easy to transport to your next adventure location.


Let’s start with the design elements of this board. There are a lot of fun things that come with the board, including a waterproof bag that you can put your mobile phone inside of.

You do not want to worry about whether your phone is going to be destroyed when you are out on the water. The board also comes with a pump and a leash to ensure that you do not accidentally lose the board if you fall off.

The board has an EVA deck pad as well, which will help you have a nice grip on the board, making the risk of you falling off of the board relatively low.


Moving onto the performance of the board, it is important to note that while this is a great board for beginners, this is really another casual SUP.

This SUP works for all levels, because riders will also use this for sunbathing, yoga, or like a kayak. It is not meant for intense workouts or exercise, so the performance really reflects that fact.

The board is easy to store and easy to carry as well. It can be deflated and packed up into its backpack, making it possible to take on buses, planes, or in your car.

  • Ultra-light construction
  • Constructed with PVC layer
  • Adjustable aluminum paddle
  • 3-piece adjustable stand up paddle
  • Bag for phone
  • Only meant for casual use

7. THURSO Prodigy Junior Paddle Board

For Kids

If you are looking more for a SUP for kids who are just getting into the sport, check out the THURSO Prodigy Junior SUP. 

This is the appropriate size and performance level that you should be able to expect for a child’s use.


Looking at the design of the Prodigy SUP, the first thing to notice is that it comes in fun colours that are appropriate for kids. It definitely gives it more of a kid-feel to the board.

The board itself is made with double layer construction and military grade PVC, so the board is not going to pop on you. It also comes with a Quick-Lock fin system that has an easy installation, so you can easily add the fins on once the board has been inflated.

This board does not come with a pump, so you will need to remember to grab one to take with you in order to have the board ready when you reach your destination.


The performance for the Prodigy is appropriate for junior paddlers who are just getting into the sport.

This means that the board will stay afloat without any trouble and you do not need to worry about the board warping or bending under straining. All child’s boards really need to be durable as well in order to ensure the child’s safety our on the water.

It also comes with an aluminum paddle that is height adjustable, making it easy to manoeuvre the paddle to the appropriate size for the child.

  • Double layer construction
  • Military grade PVC
  • Drop stitch core
  • 3 removable fins
  • Top engineering
  • Does not come with a pump

8. Drift Beginner Paddle Board

Another board that is in the running as one of the best stand up paddle board for beginners is the Drift Inflatable SUP. 

This is a stable and manoeuvrable board that is easy to balance on, which is exactly what beginners need to use.


The Drift Inflatable SUP is designed to be highly durable. There is a high tech process used to transform the military-grade PVC into a rock-solid rigid platform.

It has a composite drop-stitch fiber as well, turning the exterior of the board into a practically indestructible outer skin. That adds to the overall longevity of the board.

The board comes with the complete kit, including a travel bag, a pump, and a 3-piece paddle. Having the paddle breakdown will also make it incredibly easy to travel with, just like the board is when it has been deflated.


When we look at the performance for the Drift SUP, the first thing to note is that the board has a performance shape.

That means that this is not just a drifting board, despite its name. This board is made for fast paddling for riders of all skill levels. This is not the kind of board that you would get if you were hoping to do yoga out on the water, because this one is more like a workout from paddling.

Because of the durable construction of this board, the Drift should hold up well against bumps against rocks or other debris, which is nice if you are out on a river or a lake that has more obstacles to contend with.

  • Highly durable
  • Quickly inflates/deflates
  • Easy to travel with
  • Performance shape
  • Good for all skill levels
  • We didn’t find any

9. Feath-R-Lite Inflatable Paddle Board

The Feath-R-Life Inflatable SUP is one of the best boards for beginners if you are looking for a board that is going to be easy to float on and to yoga on.

The board is not meant for fast sleeps, but is instead a nice, gentle option for beginning paddlers.


The design of the Feath-R-Lite SUP is extra-wide. This is because the board is a good choice for paddlers who like to do yoga or sunbathe in addition to doing some light paddling.

The board has an ultralight construction that includes a PVC layer of board rails. That way, the board can be transported easily and you should not have any problem floating on gentle water.

The fins that come with the board are removable as well, making it easy to change out how you are using the board when your skills improve.


Like we mentioned above, the performance of this board is really meant for gentle paddling. It is better for riders who like to do yoga out on the water or riders who simply would like to sunbathe.

If you are learning how to get your balance out on the water and just want something nice and easy to start out with, then this board is an excellent choice.

If you are planning on exploring rougher waters, this is not the right board for you. It is ideal for gentle water or for exploring local waterways casually.

  • Ultralight construction
  • Adjustable paddling
  • PVC layer of board rails
  • Removable fins
  • Wide enough for yoga
  • Not meant for rough water

10. Goosehill Beginner Paddle Board

The last beginner SUP that we have in the running is the Goosehill Inflatable SUP. 

This is at a much higher level than some of the other boards that we have looked at, so it might be a good choice for riders who are planning on working their skills up quickly. This is the best versatile board that we have found.


Looking at the design for this board, the first thing to see is that the board is made to be ultra-lightweight.

That way, paddlers of any size will be able to carry the board out to the water to get started, without the help of anyone else. The board is even made to be light enough for children to carry as well.


The performance for this board is incredibly good for a board that is made for beginners. The lightweight build of the board makes the board really fast, but you do not need to put out much effort to go fast.

The board is also very practical, allowing you to tour, cruise, race, or simply just do some yoga out on the water. The board really has it all.

This board is also appropriate for all ages as well as ability levels. Because it is light, it will work for children just as easily as it will work for adults. This is a great board to share if you would like to have just one to use with a friend.

  • Professional quality
  • Versatile
  • Comes with package
  • 3 year quality service
  • Easy to use
  • We didn’t find any

Things To Consider When Looking For The Best Beginner Paddle Board

Beginner Paddle Board Features

SUP Volume & Capacity

The first consideration to make with your beginner paddle board is the volume and capacity. These affect who stable you will feel out on the water.

Volume and weight capacity are worked out by the length, width, and the thickness of the board. The volume refers to the ability for your board to stay afloat. The capacity is referring to the rider’s weight.

The higher volume boards will help keep you above water much better than the lower volume boards, but you will still need to pay careful attention to the capacity of the board that you are looking at.


Another thing that you will want to consider when you are looking for the best beginner paddle board is how durable it is.

You do not want to get a SUP that is going to immediately breakdown the first time you knock against something. Beginning SUPs are often not built to last a long time, so you need to look at the material that the SUP is made out of as well as the type of board it is.

Solid SUPs are built to be more durable than the inflatable counterparts, but they both have pros and cons.

Material & Construction Quality

You will also want to pay close attention to the material and the construction of the board that you are looking at.

The material makes a big difference in how well the SUP will perform, but quality means you will pay a higher price. The most common material that you will see is carbon. This has good memory and stiffness and is also lightweight. This is a nice choice for beginners.

But, if you are hoping for a more budget friendly material, you will need to look more for fiberglass. You might also come across aluminum, which is heavy, and Kevlar, which is a more expensive material like carbon.

Paddle Board Hull Types

The hull of a paddle board will help work out how the board acts on the water. The two types of hulls that you will run into are a planning hull and a displacement hull.

 You might find a board that is a hybrid of the two, but that isn’t the norm. A planing hull is flatter and wider, making it nice for riding on the water gently.

Meanwhile, a displacement hull has a pointed nose and is better for manoeuvring, fitness paddling, or even racing. Beginners would be better off with a planing hull to help you learn to balance.

Solid vs. Inflatable Paddle Board For Beginners

Beginner SUP

There is another thing to think about when you are shopping for your first paddleboard: do you need a solid or an inflatable SUP?

Solid SUPS are made with an EPS foam core and are generally covered with either fiberglass or epoxy.

Even though they are solid, they are lightweight and durable. If you get on that is made with carbon fiber, the board will be lighter and stiffer, but the material itself is more expensive.

These are more rigid than an inflatable board is and will generally feel more stable, which makes them generally a better choice for beginners.

Meanwhile, inflatable SUPs are made with an air core on the inside. You will usually pump them up and they are easier to store than the solid boards are.

When they are fully inflated, they are incredibly solid. These are nice if you don’t have the space to store a solid board, or if you are travelling and need to take one with you.

Likewise, if you are hiking to a lake to paddle, you would want to have an easy SUP to take with you. Inflatable paddle boards are also better for whitewater, just like a raft would be, when up against rocks.

How To Choose The Right Paddle Board Length For A Beginner 

To find the right length of a paddle board for you, you will need to first think about your own weight as well as the type of paddle board that you are using.

If you are using a surf stand up paddle board and weigh between 150 and 250 pounds, you will want a paddle board that is between 9 and 10.5 feet in length.

If you went for an All around SUP, however you will still be fine between 9 and 10.5 feet if you weigh 150 pounds, but anyone heavier than that will need to get a board that is between 10.5 and 11.5 feet.

Final Words

While the sport of SUP is getting more popular and there are a lot more options than there used to be, we still found a clear winner for the best paddle board for beginners.

The SereneLife Inflatable SUP is a nice choice for beginners who are looking for a wide board that offers a lot of stability and is easy to transport and store. The quality is military grade and certainly will do the job well.

If you are looking more for a high performance SUP for beginners, you might be happier with the Roc Inflatable SUP.

This is another inflatable option, which is really the best for portability, but this board is not just for beginners. Instead, this is an All around board for riders of all abilities. That means you will not need to replace the board as your skills grow.

Even though there are a lot of boards to choose from, remember to choose the one that is right for you.

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