10 Best Longboards For Beginners (2021) – Beginner Longboards

If you are new to the world of longboarding, you will want to be sure that you are using the best longboard for beginners that you can get.

It can be hard as a beginner to know exactly what you should be looking for when it comes to longboards. That is why we have broken down everything that you need to know before you buy.

Choosing the perfect beginner longboard is such a personal choice. There is no right answer for everyone, which is why you really need to take the time to research before committing.

Knowing your riding style, the design, flex, and even the bearings that you should be looking for sounds like a lot to take in.

There are a lot of factors that you need to think about before you commit. This is everything that you should know as a beginning longboard rider before you buy your first longboard.

10 Best Longboards For Beginners (2021)


Skill Level



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1. Globe Chromantic

Editor's Choice


33.1 inch


2. Sector 9 Cape

High Performance


34 inch


3. Arbor Mission

Budget Friendly


35 inch


4. Globe Blazer XL


36 inch


5. Arbor Sizzler Bamboo


30 inch


6. Landyachtz Totem


41 inch


7. Arbor Fish Draplin


37 inch


8. Arbor Axis Longboard


40 inch


9. Globe Byron Bay


43 inch


10. Arbor Axis Bamboo


40 inch


1. Globe Chromantic Longboard

Best Longboard For Beginners (Editor's Choice)

After some research, we have found that the best longboard for beginners is the Globe Chromantic Longboard Complete. This board is excellent for cruising and has all of the specifications that make it a good beginner choice.


Starting with its design, the Chromantic is a surf inspired board with a swallowtail. It has an EVA tailpad as well that will provide an good amount of traction, even if you prefer to ride barefoot.

The board is made out of a combination of teak wood and a hard rock maple in the core, ensuring that the board should have a long life. Oddly, the warranty on this board is only good for 90 days, despite the heaviness of the deck.


Looking at the board’s performance, you will see that it has 6 inch slant trucks, which will give you a lot of manoeuvrability. This will make turning easier than you might imagine, as the trucks are designed to make turning easier on you.

The wheels that come with this beginner longboard are a 83a in their hardness rating, ensuring that they are soft enough to get a good grip for beginning riders. The grip tape on this board is a clear broadcast grip as well, giving you a little bit more support and balance while you are riding.

  • Teak Wood and Hard Rock Maple Core
  • Printed EVA Tailpad
  • Clear Broadcast Grip
  • Mellow Concave with Kick Tail
  • Great for cruising
  • Only has a 90 day warranty

2. Sector 9 Cape Roundhouse Longboard

High Performance

Some beginners also like to have a high performance board to start out with. If that sounds like you, then Sector 9 Cape Roundhouse is the best beginner longboard for you.


The design for the Cape Roundhouse longboard includes a 7 ply maple core. This is incredibly durable, meaning that the board should hold up a very long time. The outside of the board has been coated in a rosewood veneer, adding to the overall aesthetic of the longboard.

The shape of this board is called a drop thru, which means that the deck of the board doesn’t go over the wheels, allowing you to move lower onto the ground. Before getting this board, it would be better to make sure that it’s not your first time out on the road.


Since this is a high performance beginner longboard, you should not be surprised by the performance features. The wheels come with a 78a softness rating, placing them at the very soft range of things. This is good, because you will get a much better grip on the road if you are using a softer wheel.

The Nineball wheels that come with the longboard are made to allow you to perform some crisp carving while you are riding. This might be a new concept for newer riders, but it does make it easier to turn.

  • 7 Ply Maple
  • Rosewood Veneer
  • Drop Thru shape
  • Greaseball Bearings
  • 78a Nineballs wheels
  • A little pricey for a first time board

3. Arbor Mission Photo Beginner Longboard

Budget Friendly

 If you are not interested in paying too much for your first longboard, you might be happier with a budget friendly board.

We have found that the best budget friendly longboard for a beginner is the Arbor Mission Photo Longboard Complete.


The design of the Arbor Mission Longboard includes a Mission Profile ship. That means that it has a single kick carver, which is designed to be agile.

That is nice, especially when you consider that the deck is made from 7 ply Canadian Hard Rock Maple, which is not in general the most forgiving material. The wood comes from sustainable wood sources and has been reclaimed for use from other products, reducing your carbon footprint.

The board also has a black walnut finish, adding some depth to the colour of the board.


The board is meant to be agile and should allow you to carve and slash on hills. It is a great board for beginners, because of its manoeuvrability. The wheels are meant for hybrid riders who like to cruise, but who would also like to have an easy release for slides.

The Momentum Core within the board will help maintain a smooth ride and dampen any rough terrains that you might go over, helping to make sure that you do not get thrown from the board.

  • Single kick carver design
  • Paris Reverse Trucks
  • 7 Ply Canadian Hard Rock Maple
  • Black Walnut Finish
  • Sustainably Made
  • The bushings that come with the trucks are not made to last and will need to be replaced

4. Globe Blazer XL Beginner Longboard

Another great choice for beginning longboarding is the Globe Blazer XL Longboard Complete. This board offers a smooth ride with excellent carving, giving you a great start with the sport.


The Blazer XL longboard has a great design, including the Resin 8 hard rock maple that it is constructed with. That will help with your balance as you are getting used to riding. The shape of the board is also a mellow concave with a kick tail, giving you plenty of surface area to work with.

A fun design element that might be missed at first is that the deck of the board has a bottle opener in it. It is 36 inches in length, which is also the ideal length for a new rider. The width is a nice 9.75 inches as well.


When we look at the performance for this board, you first need to know that the board is made for high speed stability. Not all beginners would like to start out at high speed, so keep that in mind when you look at this one.

Regardless, the bearings in the wheels are made for precision, helping you manoeuvre the board without any kind of trouble.

The board should help you learn more balance and provide a lot of great cruising opportunities.

  • Resin 8 Hard Rock Maple
  • Mellow Concave with Kick Tail Shape
  • High speed stability
  • Precise bearings
  • Bottle opener on the deck
  • We didn’t find anything

5. Arbor Sizzler Bamboo Longboard

If you are hoping more for a lighter board to start out with, we suggest the Arbor Sizzler Bamboo Beginner Longboard Complete. 

Lighter boards do not have the same level of stability that the hardwood boards do, but they still can work for some riders. Luckily, this board also has a hardwood core, combining the best of both worlds.


Like we mentioned above, the Arbor Sizzler looks like a bamboo board, but really it has a 7 ply Canadian hard rock maple core. This will add to the weight of the board and provide better balance to the board itself.

The exterior has been coated with a bamboo finish, so you do get the appearance that the board is bamboo while the board is still a maple core. The wood is reclaimed wood as well.


This board might be a little bit difficult for the newer riders out there who do not have as much experience. This is because the board is made with freestyle flair, which can be a little bit difficult if you are not quite ready to try balancing just yet.

The board is meant for cruising or carving riding styles, so you should be able to cruise around and start to get your bearings. Just avoid hills until you really have a handle on it.

  • 7 Ply Canadian Hard Rock Maple
  • Bamboo Finish
  • Freestyle Flair
  • Made with reclaimed wood
  • Kicktail
  • A little tricky for brand new riders

6. Landyachtz Totem Paradise Longboard

For a different kind of longboard style, check out the Landyachtz Totem Paradise longboard. This has a little bit different look and will ride a little bit differently as well. This is a great board for cruising.


The shape of the board is a rocker shape. It is medium concave, which means that it has a little bit of a narrower end than some of the other boards out there.

The wheel wells have been sanded as well. The board is made with 100% Canadian Maple, which is nice and hard wood, giving your board some weight and extra stability.

The board uses Spaceballs bearings with integrated spacers built-in. That way, the wheels will always be in alignment and you don’t have to worry about chattering. They are meant to be smooth, straight, and very fast.


When we look at the performance for this board, the first thing to note is that the board is incredibly responsive, which is nice if you are really getting a feel for things.

If you are not steady on your feet, this is not going to be a good plan for you, because you want a board to keep you upright. But, if you are hoping to do some serious cruising, this board might just be the winner for you.

  • 100% Canadian Maple
  • Spaceballs Bearings
  • Grizzly Trucks
  • Fatty Hawgs Wheels
  • Rocker Shape
  • Super responsive, which might be hard if you don’t have your balance

7. Arbor Fish Artist Draplin Beginner Longboard

 If you are looking for something with a little bit more interesting design, you might want to check out the Arbor Fish Artist Draplin Longboard Complete.


If you are hoping to get a beginner longboard that has a more interesting design, like we said above, the Fish Artist Draplin might be the winner. 

This board has a very interesting design, since it is shaped like a fish. That means that it has a taper in the back. That will allow more manoeuvres, which might be good if you are hoping to progress in your riding abilities quickly.

The core of the board I a Momentum Core, which means that you should have nice, smooth riding experience. That is especially nice if you are planning on using the board for commuting


This board is part of the Arbor Easyrider Series and it uses Mosh wheels. The Mosh wheels allow for hybrid riders, so you can cruise, but you will also be able to try out some other tricks.

It has an easy release for slides as well and with the symmetrical lip profile and medium height, you will get some quick acceleration without losing on your roll speed.

The speeds might be too intense for beginners, but if you already have experience surfing, it might work out well.

  • Fish Profile
  • 7 Ply Canadian Hard Rock Maple
  • Reclaimed Wood
  • Paris Reverse Trucks
  • Mosh Wheels for hybrid riders
  • Really fast, which might be hard for new riders

8. Arbor Axis Photo Longboard

The Arbor Axis Photo Longboard Complete is another option for beginning riders. This has a Drop Thru design, which might be a good option if you are going to be tackling hills in your experience.


As we mentioned above, this board comes with a drop thru design. That means that the board sits lower to the ground and has a lower center of gravity than other boards.

This is really great if you are going to be going down any hills, so you are less likely to have a bad fall at the end of a ride.

The feel of this board is much closer to snowboarding than surfing and requires the same level of balance from it.

This board is part of the Easyrider Series by Arbor, which includes Outlook wheels. Outlook wheels are big and smooth, giving you a nice, stable ride.


The performance for this board is excellent. It provides a nice, smooth, buttery ride, which can be really nice for newer riders.

The Momentum core of the board will give you nice, smooth riding, which is especially helpful on longer rides. The low center of gravity might make this especially hard if you have no experience snowboarding or on any type of board, so remember that before choosing this one.

  • Great for hills
  • Smooth rides
  • Buttery fast
  • Low center of gravity
  • Drop thru shape
  • Low center of gravity can be challenging if you have no experience.

9. Globe Byron Bay Longboard

For a longboard that looks more like a skateboard, check out the Globe Byron Bay Longboard Complete.

You will see that it resembles the classic look that you can expect from longboards and skateboards.


The Byron Bay board is made with a 7 ply Hard Rock Maple construction. That means that the deck is sturdy and heavy duty.

It has a non-toxic bamboo top, so you will still get that appearance of a nice bamboo board, but have all of the weight and stability that you can get from a maple board. This is great for cruising and carving, giving you a nice level of security under your feet.

There is also a rosewood inlay at the top and the bottom of the board for an added touch. There is also a brightly coloured design for some added fun.


The Byron Bay board comes with slant inverted trucks, which will make turning at high speeds much easier.

It will also help make high speed transitions much smoother and less risky, which is so important for new riders. The turns are a little longer too, but the precise bearings will make sure that you are not hindered by them at all.

The board has the Globe’s “Drift” formula as well, which will give you nice, smooth, extra buttery rides.

  • Rosewood inlay
  • 7 ply Hard Rock Maple
  • Great for cruising
  • Bamboo Top
  • Slant Inverted Trucks
  • We didn’t find any

10. Arbor Axis Bamboo Longboard

The last longboard in the running for the best longboard for beginners is the Arbor Axis Bamboo Longboard Complete. This is another drop thru design, which will give you a lower center of gravity, making it nicer on hills.


As mentioned above, this is a drop thru longboard, so it does sit lower to the ground. It is made with an 8 ply Canadian Hard Rock Maple, giving it plenty of weight to be stable for new riders.  The Momentum Core is there to give you the nicest, smoothest ride possible.

The wheels are larger as well, which is excellent for new riders who need to have that extra grip on the ground. Bigger wheels add to the stability as well. The Venice Formula within the board is cruiser focused and can handle a lot of rough terrain.


Moving to its performance, the Axis board has a snowboard feel to it. It was made with the intention of moving like a snowboard, making this a great choice if you are hoping to get some riding in when snow is not in season.

The design of the board also makes this really good at tackling hills, ensuring that you do not wipe out when you hit the bottom. The board should also be able to handle really hard terrain as well without causing a ton of chattering to the rider.

  • Snowboard like feel
  • Low profile
  • Drop thru design
  • 8 Ply Canadian Hard Rock Maple
  • Sustainably acquired wood
  • We didn’t find any

Factors To Consider When Looking For The Best Beginner Longboard

Beginner Longboard Types

Longboard Type & Shape

The first factor to consider when you are looking for the best beginner longboard is the type and the shape of the longboard. There are a lot of different types out there, including:

  • Cruiser: This is one of the best choices for beginners, because they are incredibly stable. This style is a popular type of transportation. Normally, they have a pintail shape, just like a surfboard. They also have large wheels that increase their overall stability.

  • Freeride: Freeride boards are a lot of fun to use, but in terms of beginners, this is not the most forgiving type of board. They use smaller wheels that allow for more sliding, but is harder for beginners to start out with. They normally have a drop thru deck, which means that they have holes cut into the board and they sit closer to the ground.

  • Downhill: Downhill boards are made for speed. These will really allow you to fly around corners and are the stiffest type of longboard out there. That means that they might not be the best choice for beginners.

  • Dance: These boards are very large. The big platform will give you a lot of room to manoeuvre. They usually are very flat, which makes it more natural to move around when you are trying out tricks.

  • Freestyle: The Freestyle boards are more playful than the Freeride boards are, meaning they aren’t as stiff and will allow you to express yourself. They might be hard to start out with if you haven’t mastered balance yet.


The longboard trucks are the metal pieces that are mounted on the bottom of your board to attach the wheels. They normally have a t-shape and you need at least two on a longboard.

When you are looking at the trucks on your beginner longboard, you will want to look at the baseplate angle as well as the deck lean. The baseplate angle can control how well you turn. The smaller the angle, the tighter turns that you can make.

That means less experienced riders will want a larger angle to work with. As far as deck lean goes, every time that you turn your longboard, the deck will shift as you move your pressure around.

The deck lean is determined by the tightness of your trucks. Minimal deck lean is more stable and better for beginners, while the larger deck leans will help you make tighter turns and run a bigger risk of flipping off of the board.


Wheels have a lot of variables to consider as well, including the durometer, wheel size, wheel bite, wheel shape, and the riser pads.

  • Durometer: The durometer of the wheels is referring to how hard the wheels are. Softer wheels, which range from 78a to 87a, are better for beginners, because they have more control and better grip.

  • Wheel Size: Wheels are measured using millimetres. The bigger the diameter of the wheel, the larger the wheels will be. Bigger wheels offer better stability.

  • Wheel Bite: Wheel bite refers to the rubbing that can happen between the wheels and the deck when you are making sharp turns. It can help you stop suddenly if you need too. It wears down the deck over time. Wheel bite can be nice if you are concerned that you cannot stop, but that really only applies to more advanced riders.

  • Wheel Shape: The two common wheel shapes are straight edges and rounded wheels. Straight edges are better for beginners, because they have more stability with better grip. Rounded wheels are good for racing, since they have less grip.

  • Riser Pads: Riser pads are there to help stop wheel bite. They lift the deck higher so that you cannot have wheel bite or stop abruptly. These are really a must-have when it comes to beginners, because they will help reduce friction and reduce pressure cracks. They come in different sizes, so you can choose the right size for you.


Another factor to consider when choosing a longboard is the material that the deck is made out of. In general, deck boards are made with either bamboo or maple.

They can be made with other materials, but those are the two you are most likely to come across. Bamboo is more flexible and lighter than maple, but maple is stronger and will last longer.

Maple is just harder and can take a good beating. It is a personal preference as to which is right. Experienced riders might have carbon fiber boards, but newer riders shouldn’t start with that.

How To Pick The Correct Size Longboard For Beginners

Beginner Longboard Sizing

When you are looking at the various size options for longboards, you will notice that longboards come in short, which is about 34 inches, medium, which is 42 inches, and long, which can be around 50 inches.

Beginners are usually better off which shorter boards between 32 and 42 inches, because they are easier to manoeuvre. Otherwise, you would go for a longboard that is more appropriate for your height as well as your riding style.

The longer boards are meant for more relaxed ride, especially when you are traveling downhill. Naturally, the size of the board is only one consideration.

There is also the flex, which is the ability of the board to absorb shock and it will affect the stability of the board. Stiffer flexes are less manoeuvrable, but more stable, making them a good choice for beginners.

Is Riding A Longboard Easier Than Skateboarding?

A common question from new longboard riders is whether longboarding is easier than skateboarding.

Skateboarding has received more commercial attention over the years and is the first inclination that new riders will move toward.

Longboarding is easier to master than skateboarding. The board is wider on a longboard, giving you better balance. The wheels are also softer, which will give you better grip on the ground, increasing the balance on the board.

Skateboards have smaller, harder wheels and less room for your fit on the board, making it more challenging to balance and manoeuvre. What you need to think about is what you are going to be doing with the board.

If you are thinking more about doing fun tricks with a smaller board, you are thinking of a skateboard. Longboards can allow for tricks too, but are better for cruising.

You Should Wear Safety Gear As A Beginner

Longboard Safety Gear


Your head is far too valuable to put in danger. Head injuries are common in longboarding and can unfortunately be fatal.

It really doesn’t matter whether you were traveling fast or slow, because if you fall off of your board and hit your head on concrete, the risk of brain damage is the same. Make sure your helmet fits snugly and never go riding without it.

Knee Pads

Knee pads might not be as important as helmets, but they should not be put to the side. The first time you wipe out on a longboard, your knees are likely to take the brunt of the force. Knee pads can prevent painful contusions and road rash.


You might not have considered the importance of gloves in longboarding, but you should also use them.

They can act like brakes on your longboard if you need to reach down and stop the board. The gloves will prevent road rash if you drag your hands.

Elbow Pads

Elbow pads are definitely optional, but if you have ever come down hard on your elbow, you will know why we are suggesting them.

If you crash at high speed, your knees and elbows will take most of the force. The pads can prevent scrapes, but can also prevent breaks.

Does Surfing Or Wakeboarding Experience Help Me As A Beginner

If you have experience surfing or wakeboarding, you will definitely have a better handle on what is to come in the world of longboarding.

Both surfing and wakeboarding require a lot of balance and practice manoeuvring the board in the directions that you would prefer to go. Surfing is more akin to longboarding, since they are both dealing with balance on longer boards.

Skateboarding and wakeboarding might also be closely connected, but between the four activities, all require manoeuvrability and a good deal of balance. Longboarding has often been used as the out-of-water sport for surfers, because they do have a similar movement and size to work with.

Practicing any of them will help you with any of the others, however, since it really is all about balance. Learning longboarding means that you do not need to be near a beach to get your surfing practice in.

Final Words

While there are so many great longboards out there for beginning riders, we have found that the best longboard for beginners is the Globe Chromantic Longboard Complete. 

Not only is the design unique and fun, but the construction is durable, ensuring that you will be able to keep the longboard for years to come, even as your skills and experience grows.

If you’re a beginner and still looking for grab a high performance board, you might be happier with the Sector 9 Cape Roundhouse Longboard Complete.

This drop thru shape allows you to practice speed and turns while you are still getting your bearings on the board, making it a lot of fun to start out with.

You still don’t have to pay too much for a beginning board to get something that is good quality. The Arbor Mission Photo Longboard Complete is the best choice if you are looking for a budget friendly board. Really, there are so many great boards out there, the perfect one for you might not be the same as someone else.

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