10 Best Beginner Wakeboards (2021)

If you are a beginner in the world of wakeboarding, it can be hard to find the best beginner wakeboard to get you started.

Like any other sport, it is important to pick the right gear suited for you to have an amazing experience.

It is easier said than done when it comes to finding the right wakeboard. This is because there are a lot of wakeboards for beginners in the market and you can be easily overwhelmed.

Note that not all boards are made for beginners and that not all boards are similar – some research before purchasing is recommended.

This article will provide you with information about the beginner wakeboards in categories of editor's choice, high performance, budget-friendly, women-specific and for kids.

It also includes an informative guide to help you choose the perfect wakeboard for beginners for your needs.

10 Best Beginner Wakeboards (2021)


Skill Level

Size (cm)


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1. Liquid Force Trip

Editor's Choice


130 - 144 


2. Slingshot Windsor

High Performance


145 - 149


3. Hyperlite Motive

Budget Friendly


134 - 140


4. Ronix Vault




5. Hyperlite Eden 2.0

Women Specific


125 - 135


6. Hyperlite Motive

For Kids




7. Liquid Force




8. Hyperlite Franchise


128 - 134


9. Slingshot Super Gom

Cool Design


130 - 135


10. Obrien Valhalla




1. Liquid Force Trip Wakeboard

Best Beginner Wakeboard (Editor's Choice)

Are you a beginner at wakeboarding and looking for the best wakeboard for beginners? Look no more.

The Liquid Force Trip Wakeboard is designed to help you transition from a beginner to an expert in no time. This board will give you the best performance on a wallet-friendly budget.


The Precision PU Core of this Liquid Force Trip Wakeboard is compression molded using the highest standards to make it last longer and weigh lighter.

The core material is made of fiberglass and polyurethane. This waterboard has a diamond bat-tail shape with a double concave V shape at the end.

The Liquid Force Trip Wakeboard has a variable edge rail with a removable centre fin and warped moulded-in side fins. You can always remove the fins if you do not need them anymore.


The aggressive continuous rocker in this beginner wakeboard makes it perfect for long trajectory arcs and flowing transitions off the wake.

The D-I-S-C hull with edge channels maintains faster board speed and softens landing as water flows past the tail. A smooth landing is necessary especially when you are learning to wakeboard.

  • Suitable for both beginner and intermediate wakeboarders
  • The size recommendations are suitable for all riders
  • You get value for your money
  • Allows for a smooth landing
  • It is lightweight
  • The edges can peel off if washed regularly

2. Slingshot Windsor Beginner Wakeboard

High Performance

The Slingshot Windsor Wakeboard is famous among riders because of its high performance.

With its poppy and super-fast hybrid profile, springy wood core and pressable flex tips, this beginner wakeboard grants you all the pleasures you need for riding.


The Slingshot Windsor Wakeboard is designed to make tail and nose presses more exciting by moving the flex point out of the belly to the tips of the board.

Slingshot uses an innovative manufacturing process that infuses the rail into the core of the board in a single shot making it more durable.

This board is famous for its flex and flavour because of its laminated wood core construction.


With a hybrid rocker profile, the Slingshot Windsor Wakeboard offers the best of both worlds. It is nice and fast on water but gives you a little more pop compared to a continuous type.

The fins have bolts that provide riders with the bite they need for holding an edge off the wake as well as added stability when landing.

This beginner wakeboard has bedrock inserts reinforced with carbon fibre making it flexible, light and super strong. This allows for consistent flex underfoot, increased pull strength and reduced overall body weight.

  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Made of durable material
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
  • Mellow Concave with Kick Tail
  • Great for cruising
  • Some beginner wakeboarders may find it difficult to use

3. Hyperlite Motive Wakeboard

Budget Friendly

The Hyperlite Motive Wakeboard serves all riders, from beginners to those wanting to carve and catch some air.

It features a continuous rocker and a 6-degree edge level for enjoyable rides and mellow turns while maintaining your budget.


The Biolite 3 Core is the secret recipe that the Hyperlite has used to construct this Hyperlite Motive Wakeboard and is the gold standard used in all the products. Bio 3 core is the most durable and lightest formula used to date.

The layered glass in this board is integrated into one by a monocoque construction. This makes the board last longer, hence preventing delamination. This beginner wakeboard has moulded-in fins to increase durability as it reinforces the parts that normally wear off fast.


The continuous rocker of the Hyperlite Motive Wakeboard enables the rider to carry on with the same pace into the wake using less drag. With a similar pop every time, the continuous rocker can create a longer trajectory.

The hull has a v-bottom tunnel that allows for a mellow, smooth ride as well as an easy landing.

  • It allows for quick and easy turns
  • It provides a great balance when riding
  • You get value for your money
  • Made with durable material to last longer
  • Cool design
  • May take some time before learning the tricks

4. Ronix Vault Wakeboard

The Ronix Vault Wakeboard is new in the market but very budget friendly. It comes with an asymmetrical rail line to inspire confidence in the rider by making carving and cutting easy.

The 3-stage rocker provides you with an extra push to launch off the wake faster. This is an approachable wakeboard for any rider with its low friction base and two glass fins.


The Ronix Vault Wakeboard's channels use the grip and release technology enabling you to have all the traction that you need without generating any resistance with the water.

The heel-side rail is fuller and vertical while the toe-side rail is thinner and sharper. This gives the board an asymmetrical design to improve the manoeuvrability of the heel-side and toe-side make carving easy.

This board comes with 2 moulded-in fins and a low friction base. The M6 inserts allow for more hold on shallower ends to make you have a more board feel without sacrificing the lockdown of the boot.


The Ronix Vault Wakeboard has a 3-stage rocker with an arc to offer an instant explosion off the wake. The flex has more stored energy to give the rider more time to create a full lift from the power that is building up throughout the board.

  • Comes in bright colours
  • It is lightweight
  • It is easy to use
  • The built-in fins may not be comfortable for some customers

5. Hyperlite Eden 2.0 Wakeboard

Women Specific Beginner Wakeboard

The Women’s Hyperlite Eden 2.0 Wakeboard is designed to give you an easy ride so that you can enjoy every moment behind the boat.

The standing sideways gives this board an asymmetrical shape making your first carves and jumps easier enhancing your experience.


The satin flex of this beginner-friendly wakeboard is designed specifically to be used by female riders because it is constructed using a softer glass layup. The soft flex builds this board to meet the standards of a female rider.

The thin moulded-in fins and shorter toe-side edges give the Hyperlite Eden 2.0 Wakeboard for Women an asymmetrical shape making it easier to progress on.

The layered glass (top and bottom) is integrated with a monocoque construction to make the board last longer while maintaining the same pop off year after year. The moulded-in fins protect the parts of the board that normally wear off faster.


This board comes with an abrupt continuous rocker that adds an extra kick usually looked for by many riders.

The rocker line changes to an improved tip and tail rocker generating extra pop without affecting the speed into the wake. This gives you a faster ride with a softer landing.

  • Quick delivery time
  • Designed for women riders
  • It has a 1-year warranty
  • May take a while to be used to the fast pop off

6. Hyperlite Motive Wakeboard

For Kids

Is your boy new to the world of wakeboarding? With your encouragement and practice, this Hyperlite Motive Wakeboard for boys will get your boy riding in no time.

The continuous rocker in this board is smooth and fluid on the wake and the 6-degree edge level makes starting easy. This beginner wakeboard is fun and friendly for your boy.


The moulded-in fins increase durability in most traditional boards including the Hyperlite Motive Wakeboard for Boys.

Since traditional woven glass fibres separate after a while, Hyperlite uses layered glass to offer the same pop off for years. The layered glass is combined using a monocoque construction.

This wakeboard has M6 inserts, mid flex and a forgiving 6-degree edge bevel to provide balance and comfort when riding.  The hull has a V bottom tunnel that allows for a mellow and smooth ride making it easy to do a few landing tricks.


The Hyperlite Motive Wakeboard for Boys is constructed with a continuous rocker to provide great speed and a smooth and predictable pop off. This rocker profile uses less drag to carry pace into the wake.

With a continuous rocker in this wakeboard, you can create a longer trajectory with the same pop every time.

  • Made with durable material to last longer
  • Gives you a faster and smoother ride
  • You may need to tighten the bindings if you are changing them

7. Liquid Force Dream Wakeboard

The Liquid Force Dream Wakeboard allows younger girls who want to improve their confidence for riding in water as this board is all about progression.

It has a continuous 3-stage rocker with a rounded shape and a subtle sharpness to the edge.

If your girl has a little more experience, the 125cm aggressive rocker with sharper edges is great for taking on larger wakes. Whichever size your girl prefers, the Liquid Force Dream Wakeboard got you covered.


The Liquid Force Dream Wakeboard’s precision core is molded and compressed to the highest standards to make it last longer and lightweight.

The laminates are designed using a Biax glass layup that is lightweight and has a medium flex.

This wakeboard comes in two shapes. The 120cm board is a rounded diamond while the 125cm board is a diamond squaretail. This wakeboard has a removable centre fin and moulded-in quad fins to allow for flexibility when the rider's skills have improved.


The Liquid Force Dream Wakeboard has a D-I-S-C hull with edge and tip channels that maintains the quick speed of the board and softens landing as the water flows past the tail.

The 120cm wakeboard has a continuous rocker style while the 125cm wakeboard has a progressive hybrid rocker.

  • Lightweight
  • Durable and high-quality material
  • Smooth landing
  • Mellow Concave with Kick Tail
  • Great for cruising
  • The hybrid rocker may not be suitable for some beginners

8. Hyperlite Franchise Wakeboard

The Hyperlite Franchise Wakeboard offers easy rides for riders with different skill levels. It is solid and predictable for beginners and has no surprises for experienced riders.

The smooth and continuous rocker line with the tapered channels holds its speed. This ensures that the carves are locked in offering great tracking when speeding from the flats to the wake.


The Hyperlite Franchise Wakeboard has a Biolite 3 core which is the gold standard in the wakeboard industry and used in all the products in the line. This is because it is the most durable and lightest formula in the market.

The monocoque construction that holds the layered glass make this board last longer compared to the traditional woven glass fibres. The dual fin positioning allows you to improve your board’s personality with options of fin placement.


The narrow tips and the thin construction give this board a low swing weight making it easy to do tricks in the air. The Hyperlite Franchise Wakeboard comes with a continuous rocker type that maintains a smooth speed and predictable pop off the wake with less drag.

  • Easy and smooth to ride
  • Suitable for all riders
  • The material used is durable
  • You can do tricks easily
  • Fast shipping
  • The thin construction may make it hard for some beginners

9. Slingshot Super Grom Wakeboard

The Slingshot Super Grom Wakeboard for Kids will get your child started on wakeboarding. This board has a softer flex that makes it easy for lighter riders to ride on the boat or in the park.

The board is super fun and will keep your young one busy until they are grown and experienced to have a grown-up board.


Slingshot applies a manufacturing process that is very innovative in the sense that it uses a single shot to infuse the rail into the core of the board, making it durable. Their flex and flavour are famous because the construction of the wood core is vertically laminated.

The Slingshot Super Grom Wakeboard has a ballistic base that offers great protection between the surface you are sliding on and the board. The edge enhancers have bolt-on fins to provide riders with stability when landing and support when holding an edge on the wake.


The continuous rocker profile of this Slingshot wakeboard makes riding more exciting and fun. The speed on water is fast and you can ride longer feeling less tired on the arm. The soft flex pattern allows you to put less effort into the presses while enjoying the ride.

  • The carbon fibre in the inserts makes it flexible and lighter
  • It is durable
  • Funny design
  • May be hard for beginners to catch up with the fast speed

10. Obrien Valhalla Wakeboard

The Obrien Valhalla Wakeboard has a feather core, a forgiving shape and a delta base all to give you smooth and controlled rides across the water.

This beginner wakeboard is perfect for new riders as well as intermediate riders looking to improve their riding skills.


The chevron-shaped channels are moulded into the tail and the tip of the board for cleaner release off the wake and faster edging due to minimum drag.

The rolled edges are sharpened at the tip and the tail to allow for catch-free and smoother rides.

The feather core allows for more control when mid-air and for maximum pop by reducing the swing weight of the board while maintaining its profile.


The removable centre fins provide for more tracking to riders who want more control on the water and the moulded-in fins offer the right amount of hold on the water. The Obrien Valhalla Wakeboard has a progressive rocker that creates a more vertical and aggressive pop off the wake.

  • Can be used by all riders
  • Gives you more control when riding
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
  • Has 4 fins

Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Wakeboard for Beginners

Beginner Wakeboard Features

The following are the things that you need to consider when choosing a beginner wakeboard:

Wakeboard Length

To choose the right length for your wakeboard, it is important to consider your wakeboarding style and weight. If you do not consider this, you could be frustrated because the wakeboard will not float, and you may end up buying a new wakeboard again.

The length of most wakeboards ranges between 130 centimetres (cm) to 144 centimetres (cm). If your weight is below 100 pounds, you should use a wakeboard with a length below 130cm. Wakeboarders weighing between 90 to 150 pounds should use a wakeboard between 130cm to 134cm.

For riders weighing between 130 and 180 pounds, a wakeboard measuring between 135cm and 139cm is suitable. Riders weighing between 170 and 250 pounds are suited by a wakeboard measuring between 140cm and 144cm. If you weigh more than 250 pounds, a wakeboard longer than 144cm is suitable for you.

When choosing a wakeboard that is within your ideal range of sizes, you can choose one from the top, the middle or the bottom size of the range. Generally, a shorter wakeboard is more difficult and slower to push through the water making it suitable for an experienced wakeboarder.

On the other hand, a longer wakeboard is ideal for beginners as it offers ease of use, more control and mobility to the wakeboarder.


Wakeboard Rocker

The different types of rockers include:

  • Continuous

Wakeboards with continuous rockers provide a smooth and fast ride making it great for riding during days when the ocean is calm.

The shape of the rocker is continuous, curved and smooth to provide a great speed for the board. The rocking style of this board is reliable and consistent offering riders with consistent and precise jump off the wake.

  • 3-Stage 

Typically, boards with this type of rocker are cluckier and slower through the water. They have surfaces shaped in three different angles to provide a great height off the wake.

This makes it land harder compared to other boards. With this rocker, the rider has less control and stability making it difficult to maintain balance when riding.

  • Camber

A camber rocker has a lightweight and floating feel with two surface points on each end separated in the middle by an arch. This type of rocker gives the rider a great sense of control, stability and height off the wake.

However, it does not have the speed of a continuous rocker and a height of a 3-stage rocker. The comfort lies between the two rockers.

  • Hybrid 

This type of board contains rockers that lie in between the continuous, 3-stage and camber rockers.

Base Shapes

The following are the different types of wakeboard shapes:

  • Featureless

This board does not have any channels or moulded fins. It leaves all the work to the shape of the board, the riders and the fins.

  • Channels

They are found on the bottom of the board. They are tiny fins that cut through the water before the full board weight hits. They are important in reducing the board's impact on the water.

  • V-shape spines 

They are usually added to 3-stage rockers to soften landings as they help the board roll from edge to edge smoothly.


The sharpness of the edge is one of the factors that define a board and should be considered when choosing a wakeboard for beginners.

Boards with sharper edges or rails are faster but are susceptible to wipeouts and unwanted crashes. They are suitable for wakeboarders who like to carve.

Boards with rounder edges are slower and suitable for people who like tricks because they are smoother and easier to control and land.

Also, there are boards with variable edges. They have rounded edges in the middle and sharper edges in the front and back. These boards provide the rider with the best of the two worlds: round edge for landing and jumping, and sharp edges for carving.

Boards with variable edges have a soft to a sharp pattern that creates lift and pops towards the centre of the board. The thinner edges near the ends make the board ride faster and suitable for carving.


The purpose of fins in a board is to provide stability and grip. Longer fins provide more grip on the water but make it difficult for riders to get in the air and perform any tricks.

Having a higher number of fins on the bottom of the board provides the most stability and grip. Typically, riders who are better at riding get smaller fins.

There are two types of fins: moulded fins and screw-in fins. Screw-in fins can be removed and replaced, offering flexibility to the rider especially when they get better and do not need many fins. Moulded fins cannot be removed but they last longer.

Final Words

Since there are many options for wakeboards, it may be hard to find the best one if you are a beginner.

However, our editor’s choice for the best beginner wakeboard in 2021 is the Liquid Force Trip Wakeboard. This is because of its all-round high performance and allows for smooth landing especially when you are learning to carve.

The Liquid Force Trip Wakeboard is also suitable for beginner and intermediate riders. This means it still performs well when wanting to try more complex wakeboarding moves and tricks.

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